Honey Pot Bee Progress and Sunday Stash

My year long journey of quilting discovery is nearing the end, as the Honey Pot Bee wraps up next month. At the end of October I finally got myself up to date and completed everything ready for the challenge of November, and what a month November is! I have completed one block already but am mulling over my fabric choices for the other. Having rifled through my blocks a few months ago I was worried that my colour balance might be off as it all felt a bit green heavy, so I set myself the task this month of looking at them all together to decide how the last few blocks should go in terms of colour. Here they are!

I’ve removed a few duplicate blocks (which are mostly green and would definitely upset the balance) and am loving how all my colours come together. I also took this picture twice because I realised I’d missed two blocks, then after taking this one I found another missing block. Never mind, you’ll see that in the finished quilt πŸ˜‰

I had no plan at all on starting this challenge other than for it to be a “scrappy” project, but early on I realised that pink, blue and green are obviously rather abundant in my fabric stash πŸ˜€ I decided to embrace this, run with it, and add hints here and there of pale yellow to calm, and black to really “pop”. I have to admit though that I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to put all of these together, but that’s something to think about once all the blocks are done. I suspect it may be a little mathematical challenge for me πŸ˜€

Anyhow, since every Sunday morning I lie in bed reading a glittering email from Mr Molli Sparkles himself showing the world his most recent additions to his fabric stash, I though I’d show you mine – look at these luscious beauties from Art Gallery Fabrics Spice Fusion line.

The lovely Janet at A Rainbow of Stitches is turning into a bit of an enabler by expanding her Art Gallery line – bad Janet! And if I hadn’t already blown my craft budget for this month there are a few things in her shop that I’m itching to buy…..

Must dash, I hear my fabric calling my name πŸ˜‚

Love Mrs B x

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One thought on “Honey Pot Bee Progress and Sunday Stash

  1. Hi Mrs B, your honey pot bee quilt is looking fabulous, I must admit I have months of blocks to catch up on, hopefully over the christmas holidays. Hope to meet up again via sunday stash x


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